March 19, 2019 Synaesthesia Art Exhibit, Amarillo College

An art show by Amarillo College students currently showing in the Commons of the Fine Arts Complex is worth noting before it comes down March 21.

Titled Synaesthesia, which refers to sequential stimulation of sensory or cognitive pathways, student artists created works inspired by music, sounds, aromas, tastes and touch. A few of the results are offered.

Steven Kimbrell
Trial of Control

Steven Kimbrell was inspired for Trial of Control by the song Can’t Wait Until Night, which connotes quasi-apocalyptic fantasy. The result suggests another Franz Kline in the making.

Tasia Brown
Hey Kids

Tasia Brown, in Hey Kids responded to the totality of a retro 90’s musical vibe that was a mash-up of happy and sinister. Some might discern a Yin Yang continuum in her creation, to which others might just say, “That’s life!”

Jennifer Hoschouer
Beautiful Day

Jennifer Hoschouer was inspired by the song Beautiful Day by U2 that then coalesced with Alice in Wonderland and the cards painting the roses red, which in this case, she abstracted blue.

Well, why not! These young artists are exercising their creative mandate to suggest alternative perceptions to a viewing public. I congratulate them on their courage, confidence and creativity.

Congrats also to their instructors who challenged them to go far beyond their comfort zones. The quality of their art appears worth the risk of the adventure.

The Art Department at Amarillo College, its instructors and students is one more reason we can say, “Keep Amarillo Artsy! Keep Austin Weird! Keep Lubbock in the Rear View Mirror!!!!!”

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