April 26, 2019

The Amarillo Museum of Art recently hosted what has become the annual Amarillo College, WTAMU Student/Faculty exhibition. As always, the talent and quality of especially the young artists astounds. This post examines just a few works shown by the students and teachers from each institution.

Stephanie Jung
Charcoal on Paper

Stephanie Jung, AC faculty member, created, in Interstices a powerful, life-size representation of the the yin/yang of relationship dynamics. By her own description, she danced along the periphery of tropes to convey the ideas of blending, bonding, and merging with the inherent difficulties and disappointments in all Anima/Animus relationships.

Gavin Dorman
Study after Albrecht Durer
Charcoal on Paper

Gavin Dorman, a sophomore at AC, outdid the German Renaissance master in this creation from life drawing.

Vance McSwain
Qunatum Gender
Mixed Media on Panel

Vance McSwain, from the WTAMU art faculty created this symbolic study of the whole gender identity paradigm in Qunatum Gender. Note especially the prominently-placed apples and oranges, challenging to the viewer to reconsider preconceptions.

Nina Wyre
Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

In Eve, graduate student Nina Wyre created a tour de force iconoclastic portrayal of first woman-womankind. If she is producing works like this while still in college, the art world is on notice!

Blake Cripps
Digital Media on Paper

Junior Blake Cripps captured a shamanic image of the noble animals that once roamed the Panhandle in the millions. This work is on par with those of the first people whose artwork is in galleries in Taos and on Canyon Road.

Aaron Taylor III
Acrylic on Panel

Finally, Junior Aaron Taylor III, in an evocative piece entitled Distance, captured a quality reminiscent of Puberty, the disturbing work of Norwegian Edvard Munch.

If a purpose of artists is to suggest alternative perspectives, then the students and teachers at both schools accomplished their mission splendidly!

Our gratitude goes to both departments for their support and perpetuation of the arts, and to AMOA for again hosting this exhibition.

This collaboration is a fundamental reason that the arts in Amarillo flourish, and we, as always, want to “Keep Amarillo Artsy! Keep Austin Weird! Keep Lubbock in the Rear View Mirror!!!!!”

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