Rachel Edwards: Artist Extraordinaire! July 21, 2019

Rachel Edwards personifies the enigma of artistry in Amarillo, meaning, “that which isn’t supposed to exist here, does!” Two recent exhibitions illustrate this point.

Art in the Alley
June 29, 2019

Industrial warehouse alleys, right-angled to railroad tracks contraindicates culture, or so common sense asserts.

But, why be common or normal? How about an alley gallery for something refreshingly contrarian?

That’s what Rachel did on June 29th, in her fourth exhibition of alley art.

Her impulse was to find that sweet spot between high and pop culture, where the public could view Renaissance redux and other reformations and transformations sans affectation, art-speak, and exorbitance. Just beer on tap, boxed wine, pot-luck, and the amazing artistry of spray paint on cardboard under solar light.

Oh, and throw in a DJ and sound system and upwards of a hundred folk at a time enjoying themselves, families with small kids included.

Just survey this sampling of alley art from our local phenom of creativity.

I Knew Him Not
Broad and Empty
Venus Minus

On Friday, July 5th, Rachel showed at the 806, a Bohemian-retro 6th St. coffee shop for the free-thinking fringe, of whom supposedly conservative Amarillo has a multitude.

This show featured survivors from Alley Gallery #3, described as the “Sistine Sans Ceiling.” Two of the works are Renaissance recreations, but the rest are just fun. Take a look-see.

Space Race
Spray Paint on Masonite
Melting Point
Happy Face

The artist has remained true to her convictions of bringing the art of haut culture to a wider audience. The fear is that she’ll take her amazing art to a bigger burg where the base for appreciation is larger.

Contact her on instagram @ rachaeledwardswithpaint, or email rachaeledwards777333@gmail.com.

Amarillo is fortunate to have Rachel Edwards and hopefully she’ll keep creating with spray paint and cardboard, and we’ll keep saying, “Keep Amarillo Artsy! Keep Austin Weird! Keep Lubbock in the Rear View Mirror!!!!”

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