Nov. 11, 2019: WTAMU Choirs, Fall Concert

The WTAMU choirs created celestial sounds in the new acoustical heaven on earth, Northern Recital Hall, in their fall choir concert, held October 18. Needless to say, the hall transformed the national-class quality of these singers into undeniably world-class!

Three groups performed: the Chamber Singers; the Collegiate Choir; the combined University Chorale and Collegiate Choir. Dr. Sean Pullen directed all of the singers, with single numbers directed by graduate conductors Allie Bryan, Lowell Castolenia and Anthony Vickery.

WTAMU Chamber Singer

The selections in the program of the Chamber Singers ranged from Late Renaissance to modern, from liturgical to popular.

Thus, the contemporary work of Paul Becker, Missa Kenya. Becker held, among many positions, that of cultural affairs specialist for the Foreign Service in Kenya, and this Gloria, though in Latin, hops with tribal rhythms, drums and clapping. These exceptional young artists had no problem appropriating the Kenyan spirit in performance.

WTAMU Collegiate Choir

The Collegiate Choir sang a work in the Kalka dialect of Mongolia, a sound I haven’t heard since I did Ger B & B’s in the Gobi to celebrate my retirement. After all, the Mongolian steppes have a great deal in common with the High Plains of Texas, so why shouldn’t a group of talented Texas collegians sing in Mongolian?

WTAMU Combined Choirs

And, speaking of speaking in tongues, the combined choirs performed in six languages: Latin, English, German, French, Russian and Swahili! I have heard them sing in other languages in other concerts. Regardless, whether singing in Latin, Hebrew or Choctaw, these singers comport themselves as world-class!

Director Sean Pullen said that this was the best October choir he’s ever had. We look forward to hearing similar assessments as the school year progresses, because that means we’ll hear more of these singers.

This performance was both a privilege and a treat. And, because the singing allied with the world’s finest adjustable acoustical sound space, the sound was unmatched!

Because of quality artistry like the WTAMU choirs, which, like the Panhandle wind, is steady state, we similarly state with conviction, “Keep Amarillo Artsy! Keep Austin Weird! Keep Lubbock in the Rear View Mirror!!!!”

2 thoughts on “Nov. 11, 2019: WTAMU Choirs, Fall Concert

  1. As usual LOVED the review! We just heard the Washington Chorus at the Kennedy Center
    under the direction of Christopher Bell sing the Mozart Requiem…wow and wow! Christopher is Scottish, and comes over for short bursts and boards wt our friends the Mitchells… thus we have bc friends.
    Louie is preparing a private recital for the 90th birthday of the father of our friends the Aluises…set for the 30th. Lots of fabulous music in the house. No Fazzioli however…:( Happy Thanksgiving to you and your sweet wife in the wind swept high plains of Texas!♡♡♡ JoLynne


    1. Good to hear from you, darlin’, and, as usual, once the art season begins, I get really behind because of all the art that happens, that shouldn’t. But, that gives me plenty to write about, and knowing you’re an appreciative audience, inspires me to greater effort. May you and yours pause in the turmoil of DC to have a hope-engendering Thanksgiving.

      Genny and I send our love to you and Louie.


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